1. Testing & Commissioning of 220/33/11 kV Protection Systems at SINO IRON MINE in Project Western Australia.
  2. Testing & Commissioning of 132/66/11.5/6.6/3.3/0.415 kV GIS Protection systems in various EDCs for Worsley Alumina Refinery in Western Australia.
  3. Factory Acceptance Testing/Quality Control of HT Panels & Protection System for QGC project in Darra
  4. Testing & commissioning of 33/6.6/0.415kV switchgear and protection system for the project of B H P -Jimblebar.
  5. Testing & Commissioning of 132/22kV Switchyard, Switchgear and Protection system for the project of TLA-Kwinana
  6. Testing  of  66kV protection system for the project  of  RIO-Tinto ,Karratha
  7. Testing of 132kV Protection system for the project of Rugby Run Adani, Moranbah,Queensland.
  8. Testing of 27.5kV Protection System for the project of Stirling Station, Perth.
  9. Testing of 26.4 kV Protection system for the project of Edge water Station, Perth.
  10. Testing of 66kV Protection system for the project of LMS power plant.
  11. Testing and commissioning of 132/22kv Protection system and Switch gears @Kwinana
  12. Testing of 22kv LMS Power Plant Protection Systems @South Cardup
  13. Testing of 3.3 kV Rio-Tinto Karratha Protection systems @Karratha, WA
  14. Testing and Commissioning of 132kV Rugby Run solar Project Protection Systems  @Moranbah, QLD
  15. HMAS Stirling Testing & Commissioning of 11kV Switchgears  @Garden Island
  16. BHP South Flank Project FAT, Kounis Switch rooms  @Forrestdale, WA
  17. Eliwana FMG Project 33kV Switchgear FAT Testing  @Maddington, WA
  18. BHP South Flank Project Commissioning  @South Flank
  19. Lithium Plant 33kV Switchgear Commissioning  @Bunbury

New Zealand

  1. Testing & Commissioning of Relay Configuration (REF 542+) in KUPE Gas Project.

Papua New Guinea

  1. Testing and Commissioning  of 66kV Switchyard  and protection system for  the project of  POM Power station, PNG

Europe Region

  1. Augmentation work for REF 54X in switchgear panels in various sites at Moldova

Sri Lanka

  1. Testing & Commissioning of Protection system at 132/33kv GSS, CEB in Srilanka ( Maliboda, Wewalwatta and Nawalapitiya).

GULF Region

  1. Testing &   Commissioning  of  Cable  Differential  Protection  in Various projects (Phase 4,5, 6,7,8 ,9 & West bay) for Kahramma  in Qatar – Siemens  Ltd
  2. Testing & Commissioning of DCS system (Horizontal Communication with Protection Devices) for Kahramma (PH4 Project) in Qatar – Siemens Ltd.
  3. Testing & Commissioning of  Protection system at 132/11kV DEWA in UAE
  4. Testing & Commissioning of 3×131 MW Gas Turbine Generator protection system for PDO (Petroleum Development of OMAN) in Qarn Alam & Mukhaizna Power Stations .
  5. Testing & Commissioning of  Protection system at 132/11kV FEWA S/S in UAE
  6. Testing & Commissioning of Protection system at 33/11 kV Khalifa Port S/S DEWA in UAE.
  7. Testing & Commissioning of Protection Relays a t 132/33kV S/S ( Qassim , Shaqra, Hail) – Saudi Electric Company.
  8. Testing & Commissioning of Protection systems at 380/132kV S/S at (Al Kharj, Hail) – Saudi Electric Company.
  9. Testing & Commissioning of 132 kV GIS S/S at AlMuzamiah of Saudi Electric Company .
  10. Testing of Motor Protection Relays at Cause way – 1 SS, Manifa – ARAMCO.

African Region

  1. Testing & Commissioning of 132/33kV Switchyard Equipment’s & all Protection Relays for PHCN at (Abuja , Yola,  Gombe, Aloji) Nigeria .
  2. Testing & Commissioning of 33/11kV S/S – 15 MVA Injection Substation a t (Ibadan, Ikroud ) Nigeria – NI PP .
  3. Testing & Commissioning of 400kV Line Differential Protection at Lusaka Zambia
  4. Testing & Commissioning of 33/11kV S/S – 15 MVA Injection Substation at Lagos Nigeria – NIPP
  5. Testing & Commissioning of Siemens & Alstom Numerical Relays at Sugar Power plant at Kaliro at Uganda.
  6. Testing & commissioning of 132kV Protection system for Mumias Suga Company Limited at Kenya.
  7. Retrofitting of Feeder Protection & Transformer Protection systems – EEPCO, Ethiopia.
  8. Testing & Commissioning of Distance, Transformer and Busbar & Feeder Protection Systems @Sudan.
  9. Testing & Commissioning of 11 kV Switchgear Panels at Lake Cement, Tanzania.
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