Testing & Commissioning Services Of Protection Relays & SCADA Systems

We undertake testing and commissioning activities for all type of relays (Electromechanical, Static & Numerical relays) from various leading manufacturers like (ABB, SIEMENS, AREVA, SIFANG, NR, Micom, Schneider, SEL, GE, ERL, etc) Our Automation team can handle IEC 61850 signal configuration, Integration and Goosing between IEDs, SCADA co-ordination and SCADA commissioning. We also handle PLC & HMI Programming, commissioning and Servicing.

Preventive Maintenance, Operation & Maintenance, Refurbishment & Modernization And Troubleshooting Services

Our team provides the expertise needed to keep your power system safe, efficient, reliable and up-to-date. Our extensive range of expertise helps businesses make the most of their existing equipment by optimizing performance and extending the lifespan. Our electrical services engineers and technicians diagnose problems, identify ways to improve performance.

Testing & Commissioning Services Of All Power Equipment

Testing and Commissioning is the key activity in any field where the new system getting alive. We have a dedicated team which undertakes T&C Activities of LT & HT panels, equipment like CT/PT, CB, and Transformer up to 765 kV level.

Quality Assurance / FAT Services

We have dedicated team for Factory Acceptance Testing / Quality Assurance of Protection and SCADA Systems up to 765 kV.

Energy Auditing

We have BEE Certified Energy Auditors for undertaking energy auditing.

Engineering And Consultancy Services

We provides quality engineering service to the major customers in the Generation, Transmission and Distribution.

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